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Bank of Russia sells $1.4 billion to prop up ruble

Central bank intervenes in foreign exchange market to support currency as it continues to slide against the US dollar; commentators split over prospect of rate hike

Emerging Markets | 08 Oct 2014

Carney: shortfall in reserves likely for independent Scotland

Division of UK reserves on GDP basis will leave Scots with 10% buffer – less than half of what is generally considered sufficient ‘to ensure credit flows freely and effectively', says BoE governor

Reserves | 11 Sep 2014

EUR/USD may hit parity as dollar shows signs of life

Having survived the best part of the year without a particular trend to follow, investment firms are seeing light at the end of the tunnel

Foreign Exchange | 29 Aug 2014

End of Bretton Woods has helped dollar reserves - ECB

Collapse of Bretton Woods System caused significant upheaval of currency reserve trends, says ECB report

Reserves | 15 Aug 2014

RBI's Rajan says the euro is too strong - Central Banking

Rajan says the eurozone is suffering from the same problems as EM countries due to spillover effects

Foreign Exchange | 12 Aug 2014
The UK France and DACH vie for the top spot

FX reserves hit historic highs

Growth in FX reserves continued last year, but at reduced speed

Reserves | 24 Jul 2014

MAS to offer overnight renminbi liquidity

Monetary Authority of Singapore says it will launch an overnight liquidity facility for the Chinese currency in July – latest step in growth of offshore market

Foreign Exchange | 17 Jun 2014

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