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USD/CNH spreads tighten by 30 pips in two years

The renminbi is set to internationalise within the next 10 years, as increased liquidity has narrowed spreads significantly, say central bankers

Central Banks | 14 Mar 2014
Bank of England

BoE appoints Lord Grabiner to lead FX investigation

The Oversight Committee has appointed Lord Grabiner for investigation into whether BoE was involved in alleged market manipulation

Central Banks | 12 Mar 2014
Mark Carney

Carney pledges to push BoE FX investigations all the way

Carney pledges to get to the bottom of allegations that BoE condoned market manipulation in FX markets

Foreign Exchange | 11 Mar 2014
Budget planning meeting

Bank of England informed of fixing concerns in 2006

Chief dealers' sub-group reveals concerns about acitivity surrounding FX benchmarks and the methodology of the 4pm fix

Central Banks | 06 Mar 2014
Mark Carney

Independent Scotland must cede some sovereignty to keep sterling

Bank of England governor Mark Carney warns of tough choices ahead for Scotland if it goes ahead with independence but looks to keep the pound

Financial Stability | 29 Jan 2014

Perspectives on 2014: Axel Merk, Merk Investments

The timing of QE tapering will remain a dominant theme in the coming months as many currencies remain beholden to central bank decisions, while the eurozone crisis is still far from over, warns Axel Merk, president and chief investment officer...

Foreign Exchange | 16 Dec 2013

BoE's Carney: liquidity support for CCPs a 'last-resort option'

BoE governor insists clearing houses must have enough liquidity to cope with default of two big member firms

Regulation | 29 Nov 2013

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