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Esma kicks off NDF clearing consultation

Timeline for implementation still vague, with options clearing also lagging

Foreign Exchange | 20 Oct 2014

BBVA wins with upbeat view on US economy

The US dollar should extend its gains as the economy takes off in contrast to other major developed economies

Foreign Exchange | 20 Oct 2014

FX Week Latest Issue

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Foreign Exchange | 20 Oct 2014

Product launches, October 20, 2014

Swissquote unveils information portal, Caplin systems publishes white paper on mobile trading, and more

Foreign Exchange | 17 Oct 2014

FX Focus - Corporates accused of pricing complacency

Corporates are in a pricing ‘nirvana’ at the moment. Hedging is cheap, transparent and easy, but how long will this last? Some treasurers have concerns over complacency towards the impact of market volatility, while regulatory reform could...

Foreign Exchange | 17 Oct 2014

FX Focus - No corporate love for Clobs

Corporates have yet to yield to the charm of central limit order books, as regulatory pressures and pricing issues keep them tied to the request-for-quote model. Meanwhile, swap execution facility liquidity is improving, but worries over market...

Foreign Exchange | 17 Oct 2014

FX Focus - Editor's Letter

Senior corporate treasurer warns current 'nirvana' in corporate hedging costs is coming to an end

Foreign Exchange | 17 Oct 2014

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