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Seismic shift in oil benchmark correlations

Banks create specialist teams in surveillance "over-reaction"

Banks have tightened their electronic surveillance measures for chatrooms, in a move traders say is creating fear and uncertainty

Trading | 17 Apr 2014

WMBA says EC's FX spot consultation misses the point

Trade body hits out at European Commission’s consultation on FX spot definition

Trading | 16 Apr 2014

EU set to exempt FX swaps and forwards from initial margin requirements

Consultation document removes initial margin requirements on €6.9 trillion of uncleared FX swaps and forwards

Trading | 16 Apr 2014

Thomson Reuters Matching suffers outage; trading unaffected

Customers were unable to test their connections to one of the main currency trading platforms due to a technical glitch

Foreign Exchange | 14 Apr 2014

Rabobank wins one-month forecast with upbeat dollar view

Click here to view the PDF   Rabobank topped last week's one-month forecast tables by taking the view that the dollar would regain...

Trading | 11 Apr 2014
Dori Levanoni at First Quadrant

Currency managers do make money, says Levanoni

More than half of FX managers still making returns in tough environment

Trading | 11 Apr 2014

EBS launches eFix Matching

The electronic broker has joined forces with Icap's voice broking team to launch an electronic fixing service

Trading | 11 Apr 2014

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