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DealHub names Jyske Bank on FX Distribution Hub

FX technology firm DealHub publicly announces a second bank using FX Distribution Hub, following on from Commerzbank in September

Trading Systems | 17 Jan 2014
Joseph Wald at Gain GTX

Gain GTX gathers momentum as it awaits Sef licence

Gain Capital's institutional platform reached average daily volume of $20.4 billion in November, a year on from the appointment of Joseph Wald to run the platform

Trading | 13 Jan 2014
Simon Wilson-Taylor at Molten Markets

Perspectives on 2014: Simon Wilson-Taylor, Molten Markets

Algorithmic execution might have seemed implausible in the FX market a few years ago, but this will be the year when the market structure shifts further in a direction that favours algos, says Molten Markets chief executive Simon Wilson-Taylor...

Trading Systems | 06 Jan 2014
Simon Jones at Citi

Perspectives on 2014: Simon Jones, Mako FX

This will be a year when banks face up to the reality of regulation, constraining their ability to innovate and provide consistent liquidity, but there is an opportunity for regional banks to gain an edge, says Simon Jones, managing partner...

Trading Systems | 06 Jan 2014
Gil Mandelzis at EBS

Perspectives on 2014: Gil Mandelzis, EBS

Last year was one of both innovation and frustration for EBS, as it continued to push new initiatives amid falling trading volume, but chief executive Gil Mandelzis is bullish for the future and believes the volume will recover

Trading Systems | 06 Jan 2014
Roger Rutherford

Perspectives on 2014: Roger Rutherford, ParFX

With 12 banks now trading on ParFX as members, the platform will open up to the buy side in the coming months, which will test the strength of its business model and trading rules

Trading Systems | 06 Jan 2014
Gil Mandelzis at EBS

EBS to consider latency floor extension within weeks

Analysis of the randomised pause applied to AUD/USD and USD/CHF is almost complete, allowing EBS to consider an extension to other currency pairs, says platform chief

Trading Systems | 13 Dec 2013

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