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Digital currency platforms emerge as Bitcoin gathers momentum

Recent developments in digital currencies are presenting opportunities for new platform providers

Trading | 17 Jan 2014

Industry bets on clearer FX trends for 2014

As banks and investors cast their bets on the major currency movements to watch out for in 2014, FX Week presents the highlights of forecasts for the dollar, euro, yen and EM currencies

Foreign Exchange | 18 Dec 2013
Easyjet's Paul Phillips speaking at FX Week Europe

Rising cost of credit drives corporates back to voice trading

Corporate treasurers have been facing up to the increased costs of hedging as their bank counterparties deal with regulation, but some say rising credit charges are driving them to revert from electronic platforms to voice trading. Joel Clark...

Corporates | 04 Dec 2013

Corporates and investors need confidence to tap offshore RMB, say banks

As the internationalisation of renminbi continues to gain traction, buy-side engagement in the currency varies significantly across geographies and sectors

Regulation | 15 Nov 2013
Global Currencies

Sefs face major delays in operating outside the US

Despite an overseas person exemption that allows recognition of CFTC-approved swap execution facilities in the UK, Sefs could face significant delays before they can legally operate in other non-US jurisdictions

Trading Systems | 08 Nov 2013
Big house among smaller houses

Economies of scale create two tiers in FXPB

The high cost of operating in prime brokerage is the biggest challenge for less-established players looking to gain market share

Prime Brokerage | 01 Nov 2013
cloud technology

Meet the Sefs

The weeks leading up to the October 2 deadline for registration as a swap execution facility (Sef) under the US Dodd-Frank Act have seen a wave of new platforms receive approval from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Robert Mackenzie...

Trading | 27 Sep 2013

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