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Lack of FX volatility helps banks with staff shortages

A significant market event is likely to stretch fewer FX traders at banks, which could lead to advantages for those not embroiled in the FX investigation, say market participants

Trading | 17 Apr 2014

Moex sees record FX volumes in March

Algorithmic traders have helped the Russian exchange boost its forex volumes

Exchanges | 17 Apr 2014

ACI asks FCA to conduct probe into UK data leaks

FCA and currency industry trade body to look into possible data leaks around major economic data releases

Trading | 17 Apr 2014

RBI pushes independent benchmark body

Indian central bank recommends administrative body for FX rate governance

Trading | 17 Apr 2014
Seismic shift in oil benchmark correlations

Banks create specialist teams in surveillance "over-reaction"

Banks have tightened their electronic surveillance measures for chatrooms, in a move traders say is creating fear and uncertainty

Trading | 17 Apr 2014

Deutsche-MAS allegations may go back five years

Monetary Authority of Singapore says it is in touch with Deutsche Bank over its investigation of improper communications between the two, which could be as old as five years

Foreign Exchange | 16 Apr 2014

WMBA says EC's FX spot consultation misses the point

Trade body hits out at European Commission’s consultation on FX spot definition

Trading | 16 Apr 2014

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