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OTC market fragmentation rises in wake of Sef trading

Isda research highlights split between US and Europe in swaps trading

Trading | 25 Jul 2014

Reconciliation requirements threaten delegated reporting

Another regulatory deadline, another set of headaches for banks and buy-side participants

Foreign Exchange | 24 Jul 2014

FX market doldrums hit Credit Suisse earnings

Private banking unit at Swiss bank struggles amid low FX volatility

Trading | 23 Jul 2014
A pair of hands resting on prison bars

UK SFO confirms FX investigation launch

SFO becomes the latest authority to join the probe into alleged collusion in FX markets

Trading | 21 Jul 2014

Brics nations launch development bank

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa launch new institution to solve transaction settlement issues

Foreign Exchange | 18 Jul 2014

SuperDerivatives queries Sef RFQ rules

Tech vendor seeks clarity on chat room trading protocols from CFTC

Trading | 18 Jul 2014
A start stop switch

Traiana launches FX ‘kill switch' for single-dealer platforms

Post-trades service provider Traiana has added a ‘kill switch' option for FX trading on single-dealer platforms to its existing CreditLink initiative, in a move it claims will reduce the risks of algorithmic and high-frequency trading. ...

Trading | 18 Jul 2014

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