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Antony John at ECU Group

New chief executive brings multi-asset focus to ECU

ECU Group offers clients access to its high-powered investment committee as it moves into the global macro advisory space

Asset Management | 04 Oct 2013

FX structurers see mixed demand for cross-asset hedges

Increased hedging costs in rates and credit has led some investors towards FX structured products, but some remain concerned that correlation may not hold up

Currency Derivatives | 30 Aug 2013

Reyker adds James Chu and looks to expand retail structured product offerings

Former managing director of Incapital Europe, James Chu, has joined bespoke financial service provider Reyker Securities to head its latest structured product distribution initiative

Structured Products | 28 Mar 2013
Mixed directions

Currency managers divided on net foreign assets as an indicator

Net foreign assets have a greater role to play in weighing up currency strength, says Stratton Street portfolio manager - but others disagree

Asset Management | 11 Feb 2013

Newscape Capital launches quant FX fund

London-based Newscape believes investors have too much focus on fixed income and equities and should have more capital committed to the FX market

Asset Management | 30 Nov 2012
Currencies in the balance

Record spots dislocation in covered interest rate parity

Record Currency Management is looking to help its clients profit from a dislocation in the covered interest rate parity between several currencies

Asset Management | 15 Oct 2012
Vincent Craignou at HSBC

HSBC launches algo carry index

The Global FX Carry Index, launched by HSBC yesterday, considers 32 currencies for investment, including G-10 and emerging markets

Indexes | 12 Oct 2012

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