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Dark storm clouds and lightning broken by the sun shining down onto a calm sea

Black Phoenix glitch highlights PB dangers

A Chicago-based firm's rogue algorithm highlights the dangers of running PB relationships without appropriate credit risk controls

Foreign Exchange | 23 May 2014

Corporates defend macro-hedging strategies

UK corporates defend their risk management strategies, unconcerned by the prospect of a Scottish currency affecting their UK portfolios

Risk Management | 16 May 2014
russia-domes- blue-and-gold

CLS will adhere to US sanctions on Russia

The ruble looked set to become the 18th currency to be settled through CLS, and while both the CBR and the industry utility are committed to the deadline, political uncertainties remain

Foreign Exchange | 14 May 2014
David Puth at CLS

CLS chief technology officer resigns amid IT upgrade

Chief technology officer Sankar Aiyar has resigned from currency settlement utility CLS after three years at the firm and in the middle of an ongoing IT infrastructure build that will run to 2016, people familiar with the matter told FX...

Foreign Exchange | 03 Apr 2014

Costs of forex manipulation could be worse than Libor

Probes into current market manipulation are gathering pace, and the findings are expected to be every bit as damaging as those relating to Libor rigging. But they may come with an even bigger price tag. Fiona Maxwell reports

Risk Management | 20 Mar 2014
Gerard Hartsink at CLS

CLS appoints Ken Harvey as chairman of the board

Harvey will take over from Hartsink later this year as chairman of the board, when Hartsink retires after seven years

Foreign Exchange | 07 Mar 2014

CLS set to add Russian ruble in November, source says

Industry settlement utility CLS is poised to add the ruble to its currency universe in November

Foreign Exchange | 12 Feb 2014

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