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CLS hits settlement record

Settlement infrastructure completes record number of instructions in 45 minutes after extensive IT upgrade

Settlement Risk | 18 Sep 2014

CLS faces up to Eastern realities

CLS suspends operational trials of the ruble and will delay the currency's adoption from its original November deadline

Foreign Exchange | 12 Sep 2014

US corporates prepare for Scottish vote

US corporates appear more active than their UK peers in mitigating FX market risk in case of a Yes vote in the September 18 Scottish referendum

Risk Management | 11 Sep 2014
Elephant in room

Regulators missing the elephant in the room

The changes happening in the FX market have woken banks to credit risks they were previously unexposed to

Risk Management | 29 Aug 2014

Corporates revise hedging strategies, survey reveals

Wells Fargo's biennial survey marks an ongoing trend among corporates to hedge significant portions of their balance sheet

Risk Management | 27 Jun 2014
Hoover dam - hydroelectric power risk management

Fluent launches PB risk management solution

Product aims to solve the problem faced by prime broker banks lacking adequate pre-trade risk management systems

Foreign Exchange | 03 Jun 2014
Dark storm clouds and lightning broken by the sun shining down onto a calm sea

Black Phoenix glitch highlights PB dangers

A Chicago-based firm's rogue algorithm highlights the dangers of running PB relationships without appropriate credit risk controls

Foreign Exchange | 23 May 2014

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