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Joel Clark at FX Week

Redefining roles within the FX market

Many trading platforms and industry utilities have been driven to redefine their roles within the industry in recent years, and banks will have to follow their lead, writes Joel Clark

Foreign Exchange | 24 Jan 2014

FX Focus - Editor's Letter

Ready to report?

Trading | 22 Jan 2014
Joel Clark at FX Week

A call to responsibility in foreign exchange

As Citi tops this year's Best Banks survey and the FX industry struggles with reputational issues, the bank should be commended for its philanthropic initiative, E for Education

Foreign Exchange | 25 Nov 2013
Patrick Artus at Natixis

EM sell-off will have lasting implications for currencies, says Natixis

Careful analysis of current accounts and export prices indicates Germany and Italy could benefit from the recent depreciation of emerging market currencies, but the US and the UK stand to lose out. By Patrick Artus

Emerging Markets | 01 Nov 2013
Joel Clark at FX Week

When chatter could be construed as collusion

The FX benchmark scandal is casting a dark cloud over the industry, but regulators face a difficult task in determining whether there was genuine collusion

Foreign Exchange | 01 Nov 2013

Euro-denominated FX reserves rise again

After several quarters of declining central bank holdings in euro, recent data from the IMF suggests reserve managers have started to increase holdings in the currency again, albeit by a very small amount, says Thomas Stolper

Reserves | 11 Oct 2013
Steven Saywell at BNP Paribas

Reserve managers seek alternatives to USD and EUR

Following the IMF’s publication of its FX reserves data for the second quarter, Steven Saywell assesses why reserve growth has slowed and central banks are looking to diversify

Reserves | 04 Oct 2013

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