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FX reform: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Code of conduct needed to balance structural reforms, says WMBA

Trading | 08 Sep 2014

Electronification of Asian FX only just beginning

Jay Hibbin, VP of capital markets services at Colt, says Asia offers opportunities for latency sensitive traders

Foreign Exchange | 12 Aug 2014
Buyout dealflow has slowed down considerably in Q4

What will revive fallow FX?

In more than 40 years since the collapse of the Bretton Woods system, rarely has FX volatility been so low. IG's Patrick Foot examines current conditions

Foreign Exchange | 06 Aug 2014

One last look at last look

Jacob Loveless, New York-based chief executive of FX technology firm Lucera, weighs into the debate over last look practices, which have come under scrutiny in recent weeks

Trading | 30 Jul 2014

E-FX Awards 2014: Innovation reigns supreme during challenging times

The industry is going through one of the most difficult periods in its history, but innovation still thrives

Foreign Exchange | 14 Jul 2014

Getting forex markets to do the right thing

The remarks made by UK Chancellor George Osborne in his Mansion House speech last night, squarely addressed manipulation in the forex markets. While the topic was not surprising to anyone, the public and political acknowledgement was greatly...

Foreign Exchange | 13 Jun 2014

FX Focus - Editor's Letter

Sef equivalency problems point to wider trust issues among regulators

Foreign Exchange | 11 Jun 2014

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