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FX Focus - Editor's Letter

The renminbi rise is good news for some, but bad news for others. Michael Watt introduces the latest edition of FX Focus

Foreign Exchange | 14 May 2014
David Clark is chair of the Wholesale Markets Brokers Association

Currency derivatives - regulating with consistency

The chief executive and chairman of the Wholesale Markets Brokers' Association (WMBA) say regulatory complexities have left market participants in the dark on derivatives

Foreign Exchange | 25 Apr 2014

Let Hornby's FX nightmare be a lesson to smaller firms

Philippe Gelis writes that small and medium corporates can incur significant losses if they fail to hedge against moves in FX

Foreign Exchange | 10 Apr 2014

FX Focus - Editor's Letter

Can currency managers begin to hope for more returns in 2014?

Foreign Exchange | 17 Mar 2014

Yen set for further falls in the year ahead

Following a substantial depreciation last year, the yen is anticipated to continue its decline throughout 2014. Kohei Iwahara, economist at Natixis, explores how investor behaviour and various government incentives (in both Japan and the US)...

Foreign Exchange | 14 Feb 2014
Joel Clark at FX Week

Redefining roles within the FX market

Many trading platforms and industry utilities have been driven to redefine their roles within the industry in recent years, and banks will have to follow their lead, writes Joel Clark

Foreign Exchange | 24 Jan 2014

FX Focus - Editor's Letter

Ready to report?

Trading | 22 Jan 2014

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