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Japan's retail investors: A piece in the yen puzzle

Michael Klawitter, senior currency strategist at Commerzbank in Frankfurt, evaluates the relationship between Japanese retail traders and the yen

Trading | 21 Sep 2009

The diverse nature of FX prime brokerage

On a regular basis news emerges of another dealer launching a foreign exchange prime brokerage (FXPB) business, the latest being HSBC. The conservative UK bank has often been criticised for not leveraging its strong balance sheet...

Retail | 05 Sep 2009

Regulatory arbitrage

Glenn Stevens, chief executive at Gain Capital in New York, looks at how tightening restrictions around the globe are creating unwelcome possibilities for regulatory arbitrage in retail FX

Retail | 06 Jul 2009

Retail FX: A question of leverage

Proposed regulations limiting the amount of leverage retail foreign exchange brokers can offer seem to be spreading fast - so fast...

Retail | 01 Jun 2009

A year of cost cuts and opportunities

Happy New Year! As we enter 2009, it seems many...

Retail | 12 Jan 2009

Retail FX: the light at the end of the tunnel?

Retail foreign exchange continues to be a beacon of light for wholesale FX banks, as they push ahead with plans to expand initiatives into next year.

Retail | 08 Dec 2008

Chicago's wind of change

Felix Shipkevich, general counsel at CMS Forex in New York, highlights the difficulties of applying similar regulations to retail foreign exchange and the exchange-based commodities and futures markets

Retail | 17 Nov 2008

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