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Patrick Artus at Natixis

EM sell-off will have lasting implications for currencies, says Natixis

Careful analysis of current accounts and export prices indicates Germany and Italy could benefit from the recent depreciation of emerging market currencies, but the US and the UK stand to lose out. By Patrick Artus

Emerging Markets | 01 Nov 2013
Joel Clark at FX Week

Deconstructing the Sef ‘car crash'

With days to go until approved swap execution facilities are set to open for business, the CFTC would do well to heed some of the warnings it is hearing from the industry

Regulation | 27 Sep 2013
Joel Clark at FX Week

Striking a balance on pricing

FX platform pricing models have come under fire, with calls to reduce or abandon fixed costs, but how should platforms seek to get the balance right?

Trading | 23 Aug 2013

The hidden challenges of Mifid II in the FX market

The implementation of Mifid II might be several years away, but market participants face challenges in properly implementing the regulation while also realising the benefits of liquidity, transparency and flexibility, warns law firm Jones Day...

Trading | 01 Jul 2013

Volatility is here to stay in FX as the currency war engages

Currency markets have jolted back to life in recent weeks, largely driven by the change of government and monetary policy in Japan. With competitive devaluation of currencies clearly now in play, John Hardy believes the volatility is here to...

Trading | 11 Feb 2013

The year of threats, or opportunities?

The maelstrom of strategic changes that have come to pass at EBS and Thomson Reuters now poses a threat to incumbent platforms that had previously capitalised on their reluctance to deviate from their core business

Trading | 07 Jan 2013
Lisa Seim at Strategic Exchanges

Is FX execution changing its colours?

The proliferation of new trading tools and platforms in the foreign exchange market is a welcome development that should enhance the buy-side trading experience, writes Lisa Seim

Regulation | 12 Nov 2012

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