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Paradigm shift in forex means new risks

The changing paradigm of the foreign exchange markets might create a new set of pressure points for the industry that need to be addressed, warned delegates at the FX Week Asia congress in Singapore last Tuesday.

Wholesale | 26 Oct 2009

The benefits of multiple market models

It might have been the timing of this year's FX Week USA congress, but an underlying theme that seemed to resonate was the need for the foreign exchange industry to lobby to prevent FX being swept up into the central counterparty clearing storm....

Wholesale | 13 Jul 2009

Counterparty risk drives innovation

Concern over counterparty risk is driving innovative...

Wholesale | 15 Jun 2009

EUR/CHF: Last one standing

Olgay Buyukkayali, foreign exchange strategist for Nomura in London, explains why now is a good time to buy EUR/CHF

Wholesale | 08 Jun 2009

CLS places FX industry at the crossroads

Despite steady progress by CLS to eliminate settlement risk for the foreign exchange markets, dealers still have to contend with...

Settlement Risk | 08 Jun 2009

Escrow accounts: the new face of FXPB?

Citi is enabling FX prime brokerage clients to use third-party escrow accounts for initial margins, in what could mark a shift...

Prime brokerage: the price of excellence

The landscape for FX prime brokerage is undergoing...

Wholesale | 02 Mar 2009

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