Bridge Floods SIA With Products And Upgrades


NEW YORK--Bridge chose the SIA show in New York last week to release a backlog of product releases and upgrades, after a virtual news blackout over the past few weeks, and took the opportunity to announce three new regional MDs.

In addition to the appointment of European MD Malcolm Stewart-Smith, Bridge says that Carl Valenti is regional MD for Asia and Dick MacWilliams for the Americas. They will be responsible for sales, service and marketing for their respective regions and will report directly to David Roscoe, president and COO.

Bridge officially announced the launch of Bridge Active1, originally branded Bridgestation 7.0, and its latest Bridgestation and Telerate Workstation product--Version 6.3.3--at the SIA.

New features of both workstations include the enhanced Optionwatch application, which allows users the ability to run the application in either static mode or real-time. Running in static mode, using a refresh option, allows user to have access to all of the options analytics without using large amounts of bandwidth.

Telerate Workstation 6.3.3 will offer Telerate FXanalytics from Derivity (formerly Spreadsheet Link), giving users the ability to calculate FX and money market instruments such as spots, forwards, FRAs, interest rate swaps and currency options. FXanalytics is available to Telerate clients as an optional service for Telerate Plus and Telerate2 market data packages.

Mary Ivaliotis, COO at Telerate, says "Telerate FXanalytics is a front end pricing application for FX and money markets. It has a suite of displays and calculators. Users can build their own custom displays using Excel. It is integrated and available through Telerate Plus."

The Telerate Plus market data package, with added enhancements available in version 6.3.3, was also on display at the SIA show.

"It is available on the workstation environment or through the Telerate feed 4.0," says Ivaliotis. "It provides coverage on all the markets--it has news, pricing on the markets, history. The information is in page format. It also has sophisticated analytics for the equities, fixed income, and derivatives. It includes high end charting called Athena."

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