Cartledge: Direct is moving to single-ticket execution

“We don’t know if the order is for the full amount or not, so we don’t want to call it full-amount trading," says Cartledge

Tim Cartledge, global head of FX & head of product, EBS BrokerTec
EBS Direct will execute manual orders larger than 5 million as a single ticket, Cartledge says

Tim Cartledge, global head of FX & head of product at trading platform EBS, says the relationship-based, disclosed liquidity pool EBS Direct will move to automatic single-ticket execution for orders of more than 5 million of base currency from September.

On August 9, FX Week reported that EBS Direct is moving to automatic full-amount execution for trade sizes of 5 million base currency or more, when entered by manual traders. Cartledge says that the roll-out will only affect some orders that ar