Cobalt partners LMRKTS and launches BlueSky platform

LMRKTS to make compression algos available using Cobalt’s DL technology-based post-trade FX network

BlueSky partner: "Our partnership brings together 18 of the leading FX participants to take advantage of LMRKTS’s improved compression services" – Adrian Patten

Cobalt, a post-trade processing company using distributed-ledger (DL) technology, has partnered multi-lateral portfolio-compression provider LMRKTS, which will become the first company to offer its services on Cobalt’s shared-ledger platform, BlueSky.

The financial technology company began beta testing the service in August 2015, and this is the first component to go live.

Cobalt was founded by chairman Adrian Patten and chief executive Andy Coyne, the former CEO of post-trade services provide