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Internalisation rates intact despite rising volatility

Extreme price swings could force some dealers to rethink their internalisation ratios, but conditions remain benign for now

Foreign Exchange | 22 Sep 2014
Chris Purves at UBS

DealHub launches RefleX

Technology firm's new product features an innovative price and execution engine

Trading | 22 Sep 2014

Scottish vote triggers short EUR/GBP bets

Strategists expect the pound to gain against the euro, as policy divergence between the UK and the eurozone favours sterling

Foreign Exchange | 19 Sep 2014

Industry grapples with uncleared margin rules

Market participants are unhappy with consultation documents released in the EU and the US on the margin requirements for FX swaps and...

Regulation | 19 Sep 2014

Currency forecast


Close call on Swissie puts NAB on top

The bank had a V-shaped profile for the US dollar, weakening in the early months of 2014, but ending up strong

Foreign Exchange | 22 Sep 2014


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FX Week Asia 2014

Singapore, 14 Oct 2014

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FX Week Europe

London, 26 Nov 2014


E-FX Awards 2014: Innovation reigns supreme during challenging times

The industry is going through one of the most difficult periods in its history, but innovation still thrives

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