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Saxo wins forecast with contrarian EUR/USD call

The bank expected the dollar to start accumulating gains as the divergence between the monetary policies of the Fed and the ECB gathers pace

Foreign Exchange | 03 Nov 2014

Spot-on call on euro fall puts CIBC on top

While expecting ongoing euro weakness, the bank had already anticipated the ECB expanding its balance sheet. Therefore, it felt it unnecessary to lower its EUR/USD forecast

Foreign Exchange | 27 Oct 2014

BBVA wins with upbeat view on US economy

The US dollar should extend its gains as the economy takes off in contrast to other major developed economies

Foreign Exchange | 20 Oct 2014

SEB wins long-term forecast with precise USD call

SEB correctly anticipated a widening divergence between the US Fed and the ECB

Foreign Exchange | 13 Oct 2014

Saxo Bank wins with bullish dollar view

Dollar rally should continue as the Fed tapers its stimulus programme in contrast to the stance of the ECB and Bank of Japan

Foreign Exchange | 06 Oct 2014

Nomura wins with bearish yen view

The bank anticipated Japan's decisions would weigh on the yen, on top of the widening divergence of its monetary policy with the US

Foreign Exchange | 29 Sep 2014

Close call on Swissie puts NAB on top

The bank had a V-shaped profile for the US dollar, weakening in the early months of 2014, but ending up strong

Foreign Exchange | 22 Sep 2014

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